Drone In Farming - Right Decisions On Time Is the Key!

The main point to use a drone in agriculture is to easily and quickly scout your crops from above and make right decisions on time to increase yield efficiency. You can achieve this by simply flying a drone over your fields and in real time identify problematic zones from above. Though, there are other effective yet simple ways to get benefit for your crops with the use of a drone.

After collecting data (if you don’t know how to collect it, check(Step #2 )to see how to do it) with your drone you will need to analyze it using a software to make use of it. We suggest “DroneDeploy” user friendly application which you will have to use to fly the mission above your crops. Check below video to see how it works.

Drone in farming

“DroneDeploy” is very user friendly and powerful application that not only makes all planning of a flight automatically, but also analyzes data (photos) you collected during the flight. The application processes collected data with only few clicks. All you have to do is upload the data to the “DroneDeploy” website and basically you are almost done. “DroneDeploy” will stitch all the photos to one map. it will help to see you “full picture” of your crops. You will get several options on how to represent your map (NDVI, Orthomosaic, Digital surface model, 3D model). You can analyze these maps online or download it to your computer. By clicking here you can see how easy it is to make NDVI map from a scratch. If you want an effective drone usage in your farm –  “DroneDeploy” is the best choice. It doesn’t require professional knowledge to achieve professional results!

There is full video on how to use DJI drone to make NDVI map with “DroneDeploy” application.


TOP 5 Drones for Agriculture

Check our TOP 5 Drones for agriculture list. There you will find drones’ specification comparison adapted and easily understandable to crop farmers.  We are sure that in the list you will find a drone that will fit your farming needs.