Zach Fiene, Co-founder Of Aerial Drone Company DMZ Aerial, Flies A Drone At A Test Plot In Mazomanie, Wis., On September 22, 2015. The Company's Drone Technology Gives Farmers An Overview Of Crops To Determine Problem Areas Without Having To Walk Through The Field. (Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/TNS)

Why Drones Are the Future of Farming?

There’s no doubt that drones are more and more used in agriculture. In fact, world-wide known consultancy firm PwC has recently announced that drones, also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), are valued around $32.4 bn (€30.1 bn) in agricultural industry. In report it is stated that drones will help agriculture to become more data-driven industry which will increase productivity and yields. Around the globe there are more and more companies which focus and make huge investments on usage of drones, specifically in agriculture. Needless to mention, that in the near future this revolutionize the way of how farming is operated. It will give huge control to a precision farmer in terms of harvesting optimization. As drones have become reasonably cheap, any farmer could simply become a precision farmer with a drone in his hands. With little practice you can easily start today and begin to accumulate tangible results for your field.

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